11 Mini Indoor Ornamental Plants Suitable for Tiny Houses, Beautiful and Easy to Care for

Do you want to try to maintain ornamental plants but are hindered by limited space and distance from your house? No need to worry, there are lots of mini-sized indoor ornamental plants that you can make a choice of ornamental plants at home.

Apart from bringing a beautiful and cool atmosphere, the presence of ornamental plants is believed to be able to absorb toxins in the air, Mother. In addition, this small size makes mini ornamental plants not take up too much space.

So, are you curious about the mini indoor ornamental plants that you can collect? Here are 11 types of mini-sized ornamental plants that are suitable to beautify your home.



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Mini Indoor Decorative Plants

Summarized from House Beautiful, here are a row of mini indoor ornamental plants that are suitable and easy to care for.

1. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes from the Arabian Peninsula. Apart from being used for health, aloe vera can be grown in small pots and placed on your desk, Mother.

How to plant it was not difficult. Caring for an aloe vera plant is the same as in general which requires water, fertilizer, and sunlight.

2. Plant Pothos or betel ivory

Betel ivory has leaves that glisten when exposed to light, Mother. How to care for it is not complicated, just provide indirect sunlight and water when the soil is mostly dry.

3. Chinese Money

The Chinese Money plant is synonymous with its round and unique leaves. By having a leaf pattern like that, this plant is like a Chinese coin.

This type of plant is suitable for terrariums because it is quite easy to maintain. In Chinese tradition, this plant is believed to bring luck.

4. Tillandsia

Tillandsia or air plant is a group of plants originating from about 500 species. This plant has been widely grown and used as an ornamental plant in various countries, including Indonesia.

Because tillandsia is an air plant, this plant does not require soil as a growing medium. Similar to orchids, in the wild, Tillandsia is easy to find on trees.

5. Aunthurium

Having a bright color can add to the beauty of the room, Mother. The aunthurium plant, also known as the elephant ear plant, is a plant that is quite easy to care for.

This ornamental plant can accept all types of light, either directly or indirectly. In addition, this plant also does not need too much water.

6. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern plant is part of the lily plant species, Bunda. This type of plant is easy to care for if you want to add to your collection of ornamental plants at home.

This plant does not need to be watered too often or too much. In addition, this plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Piles

The leaves of this plant have an unusual round shape that gives a beautiful impression. This type of plant requires maintenance with indirect sunlight and a thorough watering of the soil.

8. Jade Plant

Succulent houseplant Crassula on the windowsill against the background of window. Selective focusSucculent houseplant Crassula on the windowsill against the background of window. Selective focus/ Foto: iStock

This type of ornamental plant is famous for its uniquely shaped leaves. Thick and almost oval in shape, this plant can live for quite a long time, Mother. In addition, the maintenance of this plant is very easy.

Give this plant enough lighting and watering to live for many years.

9. Echeveria

This type of ornamental plant is quite popular because it can be found in offices and restaurants, Mother. This small ornamental plant is suitable as a table decoration.

In its maintenance, this plant only needs to be placed close to good lighting and do the watering once a week or when the soil is dry enough. However, most of these plants die due to overwatering or excess water when watering. Therefore, you need to pay attention to watering.

10. Lithops

Lithops plants can survive hot temperatures with little water, Mother. Not only that, this plant is also known as a living stone, due to its shape like a stone or small pebbles which is its own unique charm.

11. Calathea

The color of this ornamental plant will fade if given too direct lighting. Instead, give this plant indirect sunlight and provide evenly moist soil, not wet or dry.

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