10 Range of Islamic Baby Girl Names That Bring Blessings, Unique and Rarely Used


| Haibunda Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023 17:09 WIB

The name is a prayer and hope from Mother and Father for children, yes. However, have you prepared a name? If not, Mother can give a name for her beloved daughter with Islamic elements, you know. In Islam itself, children are believed to be the door of sustenance for Mother and Father.

Therefore, Islamic baby girl names which mean bringer of blessings are very suitable to be used as inspiration. Giving the name is also expected so that the Little One is always accompanied by luck, blessings and abundant fortune.

The following is a series of Islamic baby girl names that are unique and rarely used, Bun. Check the video below, OK?

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AZ Encyclopedia of health terms related to Mother and Little One

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