Want to have a gold-plated iPhone 14 like Lionel Messi, here’s how and how much it costs


Footballer Lionel Messi presented a gold-plated iPhone 14 made by iDesignGold to all members of the Argentina national team who won the 2022 World Cup. Photo/Instagram iDesignGold.

JAKARTA – Footballer Lionel Messi made a surprise by gifting gold-plated iPhone 14 to all the Argentine national team who won the 2022 World Cup. Interested in having the same cellphone?

Don’t be confused because actually the company that handles Lionel Messi’s special orders does not only handle the needs of important people in the world. Anyone can actually order the same gold-plated iPhone 14. Likewise with personalization.

It is known that the entire gold-plated iPhone 14 that Lionel Messi ordered was the work of iDesignGold. The UK-based company is indeed focused on personalizing premium cellphones, especially iPhone products.

“iDesignGold was founded with the ambition of presenting the world’s most special smartphone personalization by using luxurious materials and the best design. That is what makes us liked by many important people in the world,” wrote the official website of iDesignGold.

Want to have a gold-plated iPhone 14 like Lionel Messi, here's how and how much it costs

Lionel Messi isn’t even their only special client. On their list big names like Conor McGregor, Richard Mille, Anthony Joshua, Ronaldinho, Paris Hilton, and many more have ordered gold-plated cellphones made by iDesignGold.

“Now our mission is to provide a phone that everyone can be proud of. Our celebrity clients are proof of that,” they wrote again.

In accordance with its mission, iDesignGold invites everyone to order the gold-plated cellphone they make. The method itself is quite easy by ordering directly on the official iDesignGold website.

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