Viral trend of live streaming of men becoming underwear models in China, this turns out to be the reason


Male model wearing lingerie to sell via live streaming on TikTok in China. Photo: doc Mashable

CHINA – The Chinese government prohibits women from becoming underwear models. Don’t lose your mind, the task is now “taken over” by the men.

Why shouldn’t women be underwear models? Apparently, the Chinese government has its own reasons. The goal is to prevent the spread of obscene content online.

Currently, the Chinese government is trying to suppress anything that might be considered obscene. And that impacts a lot of things.

This includes sellers trying to sell women’s underwear by live streaming on social media platforms like Douyin (the Chinese name for TikTok).

Left with no other choice, some online stores have turned to odd alternatives. Namely, using male models to sell women’s underwear. Live streaming of the action took place since December 2022.

“Actually, this was done because there was no other choice. Current underwear or lingerie designs may not be exhibited by women. Like it or not we use a male model,” one business owner told Mashable.

Apparently, this was followed by many other lingerie stores and instead became a trend. Of course, many Chinese netizens are confused. There are those who support it, there are also those who criticize, there are also those who remain confused in giving a response. Interestingly, there are some comments that actually say that male models are better than women when demonstrating lingerie.

“If the model is a woman, Douyin will immediately block livestream selling activities (TikTok Shop),” said the netizen.

As in Indonesia, shopping through live streaming in China is very popular. The transaction is huge. It is estimated that the live streaming shopping market in China will reach USD 700 billion in 2023 or 10 percent of the total value of e-commerce in China.

Until now, the Chinese government seems to be silent and has not responded to men who become lingerie models.

Of course, that doesn’t mean live streaming crossdressers (someone wearing the clothes of the opposite sex) won’t create new problems.
Some netizens suggest using mannequins. However, of course that solution was not used because it did not attract as many views or conversions compared to humans (regardless of gender).


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