Using Russia’s Attack on Ukraine, DJI Stops Sales of AeroScope Drones


The DJI Aeroscpe drone was used by Russia in destroying the Ukrainian drone attack. Photo/HT Tech.

JAKARTA – The world’s most popular drone manufacturer DJI is no longer producing their flagship AeroScope drone. Drones capable of functioning as detection systems were used by Russia to destroy their targets during their invasion of Ukraine.

Including defeating attacking Ukrainian drone pilots who were on duty. On their official website, DJI only displays AeroScope images. It’s just that no more reservations can be made.

“AeroScope is no longer being produced. To find out about DJI’s latest technology, see our product recommendations below,” wrote DJI on their official website.

Using Russia's Attack on Ukraine, DJI Stops Sales of AeroScope Drones

AeroScope is claimed by DJI as the drone with the most comprehensive detection platform technology. The drone is able to recognize and chase other drones operating in a certain area. Detection is carried out using signals emitted by other drones.

The signal will be captured by AeroScope and will immediately send information in the form of flight status, flying area, and the location of the pilot flying the drone. Initially AeroScope was dedicated to various law enforcement activities.

Using Russia's Attack on Ukraine, DJI Stops Sales of AeroScope Drones

It’s just that last year Russia used AeroScope to defeat the drone weapons used by Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Federov even openly blamed DJI for helping Russia kill Ukrainians.

Brendan Schulman, a former DJI executive, said there were two reasons why AeroScope was discontinued. “First, there is no good reason to continue a technology that actually makes the United States disadvantaged. Second, there is the implementation of FAA Remote ID,” he said.


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