Trump dominates Republican primary activity

Two competing events have pointed to a rift among American conservatives ahead of the upcoming presidential election. As Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman reports, while Donald Trump and the only challenger who has officially announced his candidacy to face the former president so far, the former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave speeches at the Conference of The top level of Conservative Political Action near Washington, D.C., among others, attended a closed-door business meeting in Florida hosted by the national network, the Club for Economic Growth.

Former President Donald Trump returned to familiar and very friendly ground Saturday night at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, with 62% of attendees backing Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee for the election, according to a poll taken at the conference. next presidential.

“In 2016 I declared that I am your voice. Today I also add that I am your warrior. I am your justice. To those who have been wronged or betrayed, I am your payback,” said Donald Trump, former President of the United States.

The only challenger who has publicly stood up to Mr. Trump, who also spoke at the conference, was former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

“I am here to ask for your vote. But I want more, I want us to inspire our nation again,” said Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations.

Another potential Republican candidate, who has not yet announced his candidacy, who also spoke was Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state during Mr. Trump’s presidency. He issued indirect criticism of his former boss.

“We need a party, a conservative party that we can proudly call our home again, that is based on our fundamental ideas, that is led by people of character and true competitive ability, that is guided by a commitment to the mission that we have done together today”, said Mike Pompeo, former US Secretary of State

Ms. Haley also spoke at another event in Florida hosted by the conservative tax and economic group, the (Action) Club for Economic Growth. The event took place behind closed doors.

The most anticipated speech at the event, to which Mr. Trump was not invited, was that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is seen as the biggest threat to Mr Trump’s ambitions to regain the Republican nomination for president.

In Saturday’s special poll at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Mr. De Santis reached 20% of the vote, an indication that he faces an uphill battle to unseat Mr. Trump, especially among his most loyal supporters. of the former President.

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