This Harvard Student from Indonesia Confused Campus Officials Because of Her Name, Why?

In order to pursue their dreams, there are many Indonesian students studying at various well-known universities in the world. One of the many students is Waitatiri.

Waitatiri is a student from Indonesia who received an LPDP scholarship from the Ministry of Finance and is now a student at Harvard University. On her Instagram page, this woman who is familiarly called Wai shares her activities as a student.

He also always shares information, study tips, and interesting stories that he experienced. One of the interesting stories is when campus officials were shocked because of his name. Why, beauties?

Harvard Campus Officer Confused by the Name Wai

you were waiting for usWaitatiri/ Photo: Instagram @waitatiri

When Waitatiri was about to make an ID card at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), campus officials were both confused and surprised by the name.

Because, Wai only has a name with one syllable. He doesn’t have a last name like most people.

Because of this, his name was added with a ‘dot’ symbol to fill in the last name column.

“Today the class went to MIT while taking an ID card, it turns out that the MIT ID card can’t request 1 word, so my name has a point,” said @waitatiri.

Waitatiri RI Student at HarvardWaitatiri RI Student at Harvard/ Photo: Instagram @waitatiri

This experience made him both laugh and rejoice. During this moment, he also had many opportunities to chat about Indonesian culture with Harvard campus staff.

“But I was happy to chat a lot with the ID card staff because he was surprised I didn’t have a last name, so he asked a lot about culture in Indonesia,” he explained.

Apparently, this experience is not the first time experienced by Wai. Previously, many foreigners were also confused by the short name and did not have the last name.

However, this can make him happy because he can tell a lot about Indonesia. For Wai’s full story, read here.


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