Telkomsel Uses Microsoft’s AI Technology Used by ChatGPT


Telkomsel uses an Azure server with artificial intelligence used by OpenAI. Photo: Microsoft doc

JAKARTA – Telkomsel cooperates with Microsoft to use artificial intelligence technology that is also used by ChatGPT, namely Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence.

As is known, in 2019 Microsoft made an investment of USD 1 billion in the OpenAI company that made ChatGPT. As a result, ChatGPT runs on Microsoft’s Azure server.

Now, Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also used by Telkomsel in the Telkomsel marketing platform to create a more personalized experience for customers.

This integration was discussed in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2023. “AI technology is currently growing rapidly, which is able to change the way businesses operate in various industries,” explained Telkomsel’s Marketing Director, Derrick Heng.

Derrick said, by collaborating with Microsoft, Telkomsel wants to increase customer engagement and customer satisfaction through the integration of Telkomsel’s marketing platform with Microsoft Azure AI to be able to analyze data insights. So that it can provide a more personalized experience for customers.

“Through this collaboration, we can provide a more personal, efficient and best experience for customers in enjoying various digital lifestyle activities,” said Derrick.

Telkomsel Uses Microsoft's AI Technology Used by ChatGPT
Meanwhile, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Dharma Simorangkir said that through this integration Telkomsel will collaborate with Microsoft to jointly determine the end-to-end process in improving and developing Telkomsel’s marketing platform by combining Neural Language Processing which can analyze data. “It also generates insights that help optimize business strategy effectively,” said Dharma.

According to Dharma, Telkomsel will use Azure AI machine learning algorithms to analyze data insights, neural language processing to better understand customer interactions and sentiments, and predictive analytics to anticipate future behavior.

“This technology will enable Telkomsel to create products and services that are more personalized according to the unique needs and preferences of each customer,” concluded Dharma.


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