Streamlining Worship, the Official Haram Mosque Uses AI Technology


The official Grand Mosque uses AL technology. PHOTOS/ AFA

MAKKAH – The Grand Mosque has started fully using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications to launch operations for the reception of pilgrims in the month of Ramadan in the year 1444 Hijrah.

The President of General Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman Al Sudais, said that the biggest operational plan modernization in the history of the Grand Mosque was activated after a year of research and planning.

Through this operation, pilgrims can take advantage of smart robots and electronic applications that help make it easier for them to perform their prayers, he said, reported the Saudi Arabian News Agency SPA Sunday (5/3/2023).

In addition, as many as 230 prayer rooms at the Grand Mosque will be opened to receive worshipers throughout Ramadan this year.

He said all doors, including the part of the Grand Mosque which had been renovated three times, had been opened to ensure the smooth flow of pilgrims for a full month.

Special doors for the elderly and disabled are also provided by the mosque to facilitate the group’s affairs.

Meanwhile, Fares bin Mafouz Al Saedi, Deputy Secretary General of the General Administration of Operation and Maintenance of the Haram Mosque, said that his party had increased the efficiency and energy of operating the assets of the Haram Mosque to ensure the maintenance of the mosque.

In order to optimally, create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for worshipers visiting the Grand Mosque.


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