Special Invitation for You to Show Your Skills in the Fight of Legends Game


Game Fight of Legends has many interesting features that can be maximized. Photo/DOC. MNCMedia.

JAKARTA – You already know the newest game released by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), which is also a business unit of PT MNC Digital Entertainment (MDE), Fight of Legends. Even though it is not the first game released by PT ESI, this game brings a new atmosphere from its 2 predecessor games, Kiko Run & Lola Bakery.

Fight of Legends is a 5V5 Multiplayer Action Game genre game which is practically very similar to the MOBA or Brawler genre games. This game takes place fast-paced or fight-right away (fights immediately) by presenting 26 heroes to choose from to fight in the game. The 26 heroes are then divided into 5 classes or categories according to the role of each hero, namely Assassin, Tank, Bruiser, Support, and Ranger.

This game carries a theme that is quite different from similar genres. One that seems very different is the presence of the Crafting feature. This feature itself is generally found in games with the Role Playing Game (RPG) genre and is used to increase the strength of the hero. Not only the Crafting feature, there are still many interesting features that you really have to try in this game. The level of difficulty playing the game Fight of Legends can be said to be at the middle or middle level where this game is not so difficult or not so easy to play.

For those of you who claim to really like playing action games, it is mandatory to download and try playing the Fight of Legends game. Show that you do have game playing skills that you can compete with. This game is already available and can be downloaded directly on GooglePlay, AppStore or you can directly click the following link https://bit.ly/FOLPortal_Adjust.

Besides the fun game, you also have to follow Fight of Legends social media, Instagram @fightoflegends.id, Fight of Legends Facebook Fan Page, and Fight of Legends Indonesia Youtube Channel. Various interesting information related to games and events with prizes that can not only make your heart happy but also make your pocket happy.

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