Russian ships are near Albania, Italian media: Two maneuvers of Putin’s fleet, planes in the sky

The tension between Russia and Western countries is not limited to the Ukrainian battlefield, but is also played out in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

For months, analysts have been watching with concern the increasingly frequent and provocative maneuvers of Russian ships in the Mediterranean, but in recent hours the situation is becoming even more tense, so much so that Italy has raised its P-72 planes to the sky to monitor the situation from up.

There are two Moscow ships located in an area between Calabria and Corfu, a few kilometers from our shores. One has come from the Atlantic Ocean, and it is about the Kola ship, the other is a missile-launching corvette ship that was located at the Russian base of Tartous in Syria.

As reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, analysts say that most likely the ships are closely following the American aircraft carrier John Bush, which is currently in the waters of the Adriatic, between the coasts of Puglia in Italy and Albania.

A little further down, near Sicily, two other Moscow ships have been circling for weeks, one of them being the Admiral Kasatanov battleship, one of the most modern in the Russian fleet.

A few months ago, a similar episode happened exactly in the area where the TAP gas pipeline passes, which passes through our country and bypasses Russia.

A strong message from Moscow, this one, that the waters of the Mediterranean may no longer be as calm as we are used to.

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Alarm from the Italian media: The Russian spy fleet near Albania, the TAP gas pipeline is threatened

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Two ships of the Russian fleet will pass by Albania

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Putin “casts eyes” on Ioni, Italy: Russian ships are increasing in the Mediterranean, risk of incidents

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