Ricki Ariansyah Has Awake, President of Madura United: Thank you Marcello, 12 Precious Minutes!


Ricki Ariansyah was reported to have regained consciousness before being taken to the hospital / Photo: Twitter FactBola (@FaktaSepakbola)

SEMARANG – The latest info on the horror injury that befell Ricki Ariansyah will be discussed in this article. According to the FactBola Twitter social media account (@FaktaSepakbola), Tuesday (7/3/2023), the Madura United player was conscious before being taken to the hospital.

“The latest news is that Ricki Ariansyah has regained consciousness and was immediately taken to the hospital. Thank God, he will get well soon!,” wrote @FaktaSepakbola.

Meanwhile, Madura United President Achsanul Qosasi also shared important information about Ricki’s condition. On his personal Twitter account (@AchsanulQosasi), he thanked Physiotherapist Marcelo Araujo.

“Thank you, God… Thank you Marcello. You have done your best for Ricky Ariansyah. Those 12 minutes were precious and made us all worry,” wrote Achsanul Qosasi.

For your information, Ricki collapsed on the field and fainted after scoring a goal against PSIS Semarang at the end of the match. If you look at the video replay, at the same time Ricki was hit by a PSIS player and immediately collapsed.

After receiving treatment in the field by the medical team, Ricki was then taken to the hospital using an ambulance. Now he is said to have regained consciousness.


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