Recognize the problem of hidden hunger in children, the importance of the role of MPASI to overcome it – Growth and development in the first 2 years is a golden period that can affect a child’s quality of life in the future. Therefore, children need adequate and quality nutrition to optimize their growth and development process. That is, it is very important to maintain the child’s growth and development process from an early age in order to avoid nutritional problems (malnutrition).

“Malnutrition or nutritional disorders can be in the form of excess, malnutrition and deficiency of micronutrients. This must be watched out for because it can hamper the growth and development of children. Often there is a lack of micronutrients and this is not realized by parents, so it is known as hidden hunger, in which children do not receive sufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and D. , “explained Dr. Dr. Lanny Christine Gultom, SpA(K), a pediatrician from the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) in a national webinar event for Indonesian midwives held by Indofood Nutrition with Klikdokter, the Indonesian Midwives Association and BKKBN recently.

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He added that a lack of micronutrients can lead to suboptimal child growth and development, anemia, decreased intelligence, children get sick easily, eye disease, stunting and so on. The need for micronutrients can be met through household-made or commercial complementary foods.

However, fulfilling micronutrients by using household-made MPASI is a challenge for mothers. Because mothers must be observant in choosing food ingredients which are sources of the micronutrients needed. In addition, mothers must also pay attention to the baby’s ability to finish the food given (acceptability).

There are many nutrient-rich food ingredients that can be processed into complementary foods, including chicken liver, beef liver, beef, carrots, fish, eggs and dates. “Dates are familiar in Indonesia and contain lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex which are needed for the formation of energy and body tissues,” explained the nutritionist dr. Putri Sakti, M. Nutrition, Sp.GK, AIFO-K.

Homemade MPASI is of course the best choice. But mothers must know how to process it so that the intake of vitamins and minerals is not reduced. Mothers also have to understand that to meet the daily nutritional needs of babies, relatively large amounts of food are needed. “In order to enrich the baby’s nutritional intake, mothers can combine homemade MPASI at home with fortified MPASI,” he explained.

Beware of hidden hunger in children © 2023


Now, fortified MPASI can be easily found on the market. For example, fortified SUN–MPASI produced by PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, which is now presenting baby porridge with new flavors of dates and milk.

“Apart from its delicious taste, SUN pulp of dates and milk contains complete essential nutrients that children need, such as Protein, Omega 3 & 6, Iron, Zinc, 11 Vitamins including Vitamin B Complex and 6 Minerals,” said Sri Lestari as Brand Manager of SUN .

So, mother, from now on, let’s fulfill the nutritional needs of the baby to avoid hidden hunger.


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