Profile of Ho Chi Minh, the Most Successful Communist Leader in Southeast Asia


Vietnamese founder Ho Chi Minh. Photo/ria novosti

HANOI – Vietnam’s founder and Southeast Asia’s most successful communist leader, Ho Chi Minh, is a world-famous figure.

This man whose real name is Nguyen Sinh Cung was born in Hoang Tru, May 19, 1890, and died in Hanoi, September 2, 1969.

He became a hardline communist while spending most of his time in Moscow in the 1930s. Due to his close ties to the communists, Ho was considered an accomplice of Joseph Stalin.

However, this news has not been proven true. Ho was an anti-colonial activist after World War II in Asia. That’s what makes Ho respected.

Not coming from a wealthy family, Ho was born in a family with a low economy. Nonetheless, Ho got the chance to study at a grammar school in Hue.

After that, Ho had various opportunities to work part time, one of which was at a technical institute in Saigon.

Around 1911, Ho Chi Minh moved to France and changed his name to Ba. He worked as a cook on a French steamer.

There, too, he founded the communist party in 1920. It was only after that, Ho moved to Moscow. In addition, he was also involved in the resistance of the Vietnamese people against French colonialism.

While in Moscow, it is recorded that Ho had studied at the Communist University of the Workers of the East, owned by the Comintern.

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