Nikita Mirzani Reveals Dinar Candy’s Past: Snub Nose, It’s Small, Paid IDR 500,000

Suara Denpasar – Controversial celebrity Nikita Mirzani exposed Dinar Candy’s past. He said Dinar Candy used to have a snub nose, it was small, and he was paid IDR 500,000.

Dinar Candy is currently known as FDJ (female disc jockey). This woman whose real name is Dinar Miswari is 30 years old.

He is quite phenomenal among the Adam because he often shows the sensual parts of his body.

Among them, he once only wore a bra and underwear and then went to a red light.

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So, before becoming famous as she is today, Nikita Mirzani knew Dinar Candy’s past very well. The two of them are good friends to this day.

In a broadcast on Nexera Entertainment’s Youtube channel which was uploaded Monday (6/3/2023), Dinar Candy was kidnapped again by Nyai, Nikita’s nickname.

“So, how did you struggle to become an artist before? Oh, I know that,” Nikita asked.

“I’ll DJ first,” said Dinar.

Nikita also denied. According to Nikita, Dinar was initially looking for him to take part in the shooting. Dinar also acknowledged.

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“You look for me. He used to have a flat nose, yes, guys. He has a flat nose, small breasts, he keeps looking for me, Dinar.

Furthermore, Dinar finally told how he first got into the world of entertainment. He admitted that initially he studied in Bandung, then was offered a dangdut singer to become a dangdut singer.

However, he was tricked. The story is that he admitted that he paid around Rp. 60 million to Rp. 80 million and that he would make two songs as well as a recording.

“The money was from my father. My father is a rice boss, owns rice fields, angkot. It’s like (in) a village, you know. If they are brought to the city, they will be poor,” he said then laughed.

Apparently, when he arrived in Jakarta, he was put on a label. Getting into the label is difficult, and the pieces are big.

Finally he got the link to enter on the O Channel show. There he was asked to DJ during breaks. The O Channel program was hosted by Nikita Mirzani and Ikhsan Akbar. Dinar admitted that when he took part in the shooting, he was still paid a small amount.

“Yes, my shooting fee is only IDR 500,000,” admitted Dinar.

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