Netizens’ Guesses: This Is the Cause of the Elephant Statue in Gresik Spending IDR 1 Billion

This elephant statue is touted as a landmark of the city of Gresik. Its existence for the first time in 2020 immediately attracted the attention of the public because of its shape which hardly resembled an elephant.

Not only is the shape abstract, the funds spent on its manufacture also make people wonder. That said, the statue spent nearly Rp. 1 billion.

With such a large amount of funds, of course, people expect a lot from this statue. But what happened was just the opposite. The landmark, which was originally expected to be the pride of Gresik residents, has instead become bullying in cyberspace.

Recently, the discussion about the landmark Gajah Mungkur Statue has returned to the surface. Not a few netizens then made it the object of jokes.

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In the TikTok account @angkringanbanyulangit, which was seen on Tuesday (7/3/2023), netizens are busy guessing why the statue spent such a fantastic amount of money.

“5 million for the statue. 5 million for the builders. 990 million for the government,” guessed one netizen.

“They said that the most expensive was buying the land, because previously it was community land that had SHM,” commented a netizen.

“Just think positively, maybe there is gold in it,” said netizens hoping.

“Only people who have a 6th sense are able to see the beauty side,” said another netizen.

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