Moving City, Indonesian U-20 National Team Players Are Exhausted Ahead of U-20 Uzbekistan


Shin Tae-yong while coaching the U-20 Indonesian National Team in Uzbekistan. Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/Sigid Kurniawan

FERGANA – The U-20 Indonesian National Team coach Shin Tae-yong declared his team a defeat ahead of Uzbekistan. The meeting of the two teams in the final match of Group A of the U-20 Asian Cup at the Istiqlol Stadium, Fergana, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

As is known, the Garuda Nusantara Squad – nicknamed the U-20 Indonesian National Team – had to depart from Tashkent to Fergana for that match. The U-20 Indonesian National Team traveled approximately 315 kilometers (KM).

Shin Tae-yong said the tight distance between matches and long trips was a challenge. However, Arkhan Fikri and colleagues had to face that match.

“We actually moved to Fergana before in Tashkent. It was really tiring,” said Shin Tae-yong, “said Shin Tae-yong in Fergana, Monday (6/3/2023).

The coach from South Korea said that the U-20 Indonesian National Team was used to the cold temperatures in Uzbekistan. So, the weather is no longer a problem for the match against the home team.

“We have adapted to the weather. So, in good condition,” he said.

Shin Tae-yong said the U-20 Indonesian National Team was in a state of readiness to fight Uzbekistan. Therefore, he believes his team can provide resistance in the match later.

“The condition of our players is good. We are ready to show our best,” he said.


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