Metaverse Successfully Holds First Marriage Ceremony in Cyberspace


Sheel Mohnot (above right inset) and Amruta Goodbole’s wedding took place in the Metaverse on February 24, 2023. Photos/People.

JAKARTA – The first marriage in the world of Metaverse has finally happened. On February 24, 2023, the marriage was carried out by the couple Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole.

The ceremony and reception for the wedding of the couple Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole were held at Decentraland, a three-dimensional Metaverse platform in the United States. Interestingly all the costs needed for the ceremony and wedding reception were paid in full by the fast food company, Taco Bell.

“I think, in our wedding vows, I promised our life would always be fun, romantic and a little weird like the day we got married,” said Amruta Goodbole quoted by People.

It is known that the marriage in the Metaverse was actually a series of competitions held by Taco Bell. The fast food company headquartered in California, United States of America is holding a video contest where the prize can be marrying its partner in Metaverse.

Metaverse Successfully Holds First Marriage Ceremony in Cyberspace

Amazingly, of the 300 participants who took part in the competition, Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole actually came out victorious. It’s just that they were a little hesitant when they wanted to receive that special gift, namely marrying Metaverse.

“We didn’t understand the Metaverse at all. But we finally thought this would be an interesting experience because the idea was to do something completely new,” said Amruta Goodbole.

According to People, the ceremony and wedding party held by Decentraland went well. This is because the entire series of events was broadcast live and all the people present at the event appeared in three dimensions.

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