Marc Klok Protests Naturalization Rules in Indonesia League Next Season: This is Discrimination!


Marc Klok Protests Naturalization Rules in Indonesia League Next Season: This is Discrimination!

BANDUNG – Persib midfielder, Marc Klok, protested the rule of naturalized players in the Indonesian League next season. According to him, the new rules are discriminatory against old naturalized players like himself.

As we know, various new rules were made by the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) to make competition better. One of them was through the national football workshop in Surabaya which agreed that each club is not allowed to have more than two naturalized players in the list of 35 players to be registered next season.

“I think everyone who has an Indonesian passport is Indonesian. In Indonesia we have Indonesian citizens or foreigners. Before naturalization, we were foreigners, but now we are Indonesian citizens. There are no naturalized Indonesian citizens, only Indonesian citizens or foreigners,” said Marc Klok , Monday (6/3/2023).

This Dutch-born midfielder also made sure that his move to Indonesia was in the interest of the country. Especially defending the Indonesian national team.

“So if there is a rule that there are only one or two naturalized players at each club, this is very discriminatory and very sad for people who love this country,” he said.

Marc Klok then alluded that this regulation had tarnished the 5th precept of Pancasila which reads social justice for all Indonesian people. Of course, those rules don’t make it fair for players like him.

“I don’t think it’s fair, they discriminate against native Indonesians and new Indonesians, if in the end we are all Indonesians,” he said.

The former PSM Makassar and Persija Jakarta employee feels that now is the right time to express his opinion regarding this rule. It is hoped that the rules for naturalized players will not be enforced in the league next season.

“I think it’s time for us to open our voices, when it’s fixed, we’ll be too late to talk. But hopefully after we talk, hey, this player is right, this is crazy, right. Maybe we can open people’s minds,” he hoped.

“What is certain is that I hope that these incorrect rules or regulations don’t need to be applied. My hopes are lost. Is there 1, is there 5, or is there 10 in the end if the national team has 11 naturalized players. Maybe someone says oh this is not our national team or this still the Indonesian national team. But in my opinion, this is the Indonesian national team,” he concluded.


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