Korean Food Recommendations that Help Warm the Body in Cold Weather

In cold weather like this, our first instinct is definitely to warm up our bodies so we don’t get the flu or other cold weather-related illnesses.

There are two ways that are usually chosen by most people to warm up, namely by wearing warm clothes and eating foods that can warm our bodies from the inside.

However, if the cold weather lasts for quite a long time, sometimes if the food we consume is just the same, we will definitely feel bored.

So, below are recommendations for a row of Korean specialties that you can try to warm your body in cold weather, as has been the case lately!

1. Mandu-guk

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sent by us/photo: Courtesy of mykoreankitchen.com

Mandu-guk or you can call it dumpling soup is a typical Korean food that is usually served in winter. With a combination of soft mandu and its filling in the form of minced meat that has been well seasoned, combined with a warm and rich beef broth, this mandu-guk is perfect when eaten when the weather is cold.

Besides that, in Korean society there is a belief that by eating mandu-guk we will get good luck in the new year.

2. Sundubu Jjigae

Sundubu JjigaeSundubu Jjigae/ Photo: koreanbapsang.com

This mixture of soft silken tofu, clams, mushrooms, meat, and eggs is served with a spicy, savory, and sweet broth, which makes this Korean food perfect for you to enjoy in cold weather.

The spicy taste of sundubu jjigae which is usually served with a sprinkling of green onions on top will help you warm up your body. The spicy and warm sensation given when eating sundubu jjigae makes this food a great choice for those of you who want to warm your body in cold weather like today!

3. The sliding door

The sliding doorKalguksu/ Photo: soompi.com

Made from processed noodles made with wheat flour and then served with hot sauce, also equipped with additional shellfish, ground beef, chicken, and vegetables. For those of you who like processed noodles, you can try this Korean food.

The noodles used to make kalguksu also turn out to be made by hand and cut with a knife without spinning. This is why this food is also given the name kalguksu which means knife noodles.

The taste of kalguksu, which is light but rich in taste, can be the right choice for those of you who want to warm up your body and relieve fatigue after doing activities.

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