Israeli Minister Ben-Gvir creates chaos, orders the demolition of Palestinian homes during Ramadan


Israel’s far-right Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir. Photo/REUTERS

TEL AVIV – Israel’s far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir ordered police to demolish Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan.

Kan News reported this on Monday (6/3/2023). This action is very different from the decisions of previous Israeli governments.

The decision to stop the demolition of houses by the Israeli authorities during Ramadan has been carried out for years. According to Kan News, Ben-Gvir has reversed this long-standing decision.

Police plan to follow the directive despite the increased security risks that come with it.

“The colonialist and racist minister’s words sparked an escalation regarding his boasting about the demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan,” the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry added, “We condemn the statements of the fascist Ben-Gvir, who instigated and worked to burn the area.”

Israel’s move, according to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, must be seen in the context of efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and the crimes of ethnic cleansing and forced deportation, which affect all aspects of the lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem.

“The government of Israel, led by (Benjamin) Netanyahu, bears full and direct responsibility for the ongoing crimes in Jerusalem,” the Palestinian foreign ministry said.


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