His Hobby is Keeping Up, These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Considered the Most Difficult to Express Their Feelings!

Communities tend to encourage one another to tell and share their feelings and ideas, whether in a supportive environment, during therapy sessions, or on social media. However, there are some people who don’t feel comfortable when it comes to talking about their feelings.

The problem is, research has found that harboring feelings and hiding emotions will affect mental health and even cause dangerous diseases such as heart disease to cancer. Reporting from Your Tango, here are some zodiac signs that must be careful with all the risks caused by the frequent harboring of feelings!


The reason someone is afraid of successIllustration/ Photo: Pexels/Ron Lach

It’s common knowledge that Aquarius is never comfortable talking about their feelings, whether it’s their own or the feelings of other people. Don’t expect this sign to express their feelings directly because they tend to divert the subject.

Aquarians may seem sincere and passionate, but they will keep their feelings under wraps very closely. No matter what other people try to convince him, they won’t be able to get Aquarius to talk unless they’re really close.


Zodiac illustration (Photo: Unsplash/Alexandru Zdrobău)
Zodiac illustration (Photo: Unsplash/Alexandru Zdrobău)

It’s not easy to get Taurus to open their heart to someone else. This zodiac will also only express their feelings when they really put their trust in someone.

They prefer to hide their feelings until they are absolutely sure that someone will not use it to hurt them. Taurus also prefers to listen to other people share their feelings.


Virgo is also one of the many zodiac signs who prefer to hide their own feelings unless they are really needed. They would rather share about the solution to a situation than show how it affected them.

Virgo prefers to solve their own worries rather than tell their problems to others at the risk of burdening others or not even being able to understand their feelings. They’re also not the type to reminisce about the past and bring it up in the future.

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