Fashionable Appearance of Mayang and Doddy Sudrajat When Visiting the Thousand Merpati Mosque

Doddy Sudrajat, father of the late Vanessa Angel, again uploaded a video while on vacation in Turkey. In the video, Doddy Sudrajat and Mayang visit one of the historic mosques in Turkey.

In the caption uploaded to his personal Instagram account, Doddy Sudrajat wrote that he and Mayang visited the Yeni Velide Mosque.

“Visiting the Yeni Velide Mosque, a historical mosque in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, in front of the main gate of the mosque, you will see hundreds of pigeons and this mosque is also known as the mosque of a thousand pigeons,” wrote Doddy in the caption of his upload.

In the video, Doddy and Mayang appear quite fashionable during their visit to the mosque. Doddy was seen wearing a thick red jacket while carrying a backpack.

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It looks like the camera is not released from his hand. Meanwhile, the younger sister of the late Vanessa Angel, Mayang appears more fashionable.

He seemed to be wearing a black hat, matching the clothes he was wearing. Mayang was also seen wearing a black and white checkered jacket.

While in the pants section, he uses metallic gray trousers. As seen in the video, Doddy Sudrajat and Mayang are very happy to be able to visit this historic mosque.


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