Estonia, the Reform Party wins the elections

In Estonia, the center-right Reform Party of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas won Sunday’s general election by a wide margin. According to the almost final results, the Reform Party has defeated its far-right rivals who based their campaign on seeking. Cessation of further military aid to Ukraine.

The Reform Party won 31.6% of the vote followed by the extreme right party EKRE with 16%. The party of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas enjoys the support of business and young professionals.

She has promised to increase military spending by at least 3% of gross domestic product, reduce taxes on businesses, and wants to pass a law that supports civil partnerships between individuals of the same sex.

“We need to make major reforms, such as the transition to green technology, but we also need to invest in security. Our aggressive neighbor is there and will not disappear, we must not forget that. We need to address issues such as the regional economy. Another big reform is also in the education system, which is the best in the world, but we need education in the Estonian language”.

The election commission must certify the election results. If confirmed, the Reform Party will get 37 seats in parliament, three more than in the elections four years ago.

To retain power, she needs to once again form a coalition in the 101-seat parliament.

Estonia, a country with 1.3 million inhabitants on the border with Russia, is a member of the European Union and NATO. The Baltic country has led international calls for more military aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

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