Data Packages Still Save When Using WhatsApp, Do These 6 Steps!


Tips for saving data packages when using WhatsApp are important to understand. Photo: Reuters doc

JAKARTA – Many don’t realize how wasteful the WhatsApp application is that is used daily. Why not, there are tens to hundreds of videos sent in various WhatsApp groups, all of which are downloaded on cellphones.

Naturally, the WhatsApp application for some people is the most data-intensive application. Well, actually there is a way so that the data package doesn’t run out easily because WhatsApp is using mobile data.

WhatsApp itself has several ways that consumers can directly monitor data usage in the Meta application.

To do this, you only need to go to Settings > Storage and Data > Network Usage. So, after that, take these steps to save data on WhatsApp:

1. Use a Wi-Fi connection

Use a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible, especially if you want to send or receive large media files such as photos, videos or documents.

2. Limit the use of groups

If you join many groups on WhatsApp, make sure to limit notifications and messages from groups that are not very important or less relevant to you.

3. Turn off automatic downloads

This is very important: turn off automatic downloads for photos, videos and documents when you don’t need them. This can save internet data usage and extend cell phone battery life.

4. Use the WhatsApp compression feature

WhatsApp provides an automatic compression feature to reduce the size of the files sent. Make sure this feature is activated to save internet data usage.

5. Use text messages

Use text messages in place of voice or video calls, especially if they’re not very important or urgent. This can save more internet data usage.

6. Use a data saver app

Use a data saver app that can help reduce your overall internet data usage, especially when you are outside the range of a Wi-Fi connection.

By implementing the tips above, you can save on internet data usage when using the WhatsApp application. Also, reduce spending on your monthly internet data package.


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