Chaos during a concert in New York, 1 dead and 9 injured as a result of crowd suppression

One person lost his life and 9 others were injured from the chaos created at the concert where the singers GloRilla and Finesse2tymes performed in Rochester, New York in the USA.

“There are several reports that gunshots caused panic in the crowd,” Rochester Police Department Chief David Smith said, adding that the cause of the disturbance is not yet known.

Saying that police could find no evidence to support the claims about the shooting, Smith said:

“We have no evidence that there was any shooting at the scene, that anyone was shot or stabbed.”

David Smith, who stated that three seriously injured women were identified inside the building, announced that one of them died in hospital. Smith stated that the condition of two other women is critical and that 7 people have been hospitalized with injuries, but not life-threatening. Investigations into the incident continue.

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