Biography of Eldor Shomurodov, Uzbekistan Star in the 2014 U-20 Asian Cup Contracted by the Serie A Giants


Eldor Shomurodov, star of the Uzbekistan national team in the 2014 U-20 Asian Cup who was signed by the Serie A club/Photo/AFC

TASHKENT – Biography of Eldor Shomurodov, star of the Uzbekistan national team at the 2014 U-20 Asian Cup who was contracted by a Serie A club. Eldor Shomurodov’s name came out again during the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup.

This is none other than Shomurodov’s success with the Uzbekistan national team to try out Serie A. Shomurodov once faced the Indonesian national team in the 2014 U-20 Asian Cup.

In the biennial event held in Myanmar, the Indonesian national team, which at that time was still managed by Indra Sjafri, had to surrender to Uzbekistan U-20 with a score of 1-3. Interestingly, in the U-20 Uzbekistan squad at that time there was a star named Eldor Shomurodov.

He became a phenomenal Uzbekistan youth player and shone in European competition with the Italian Serie A League giants. Unfortunately, Uzbekistan’s U-20 progress in the 2014 U-20 Asian Cup was stopped in the semifinals after being silenced by North Korea.

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It is not surprising that the player who was 19 years old at that time has now become a successful figure playing on the Blue Continent.

The player who plays as a striker is currently strengthening the Italian club, Spezia Calcio on loan from AS Roma.

Shomurodov went on loan to the club nicknamed Aquilotti on January 31, 2023, and his contract will end on June 31, 2023.

Before strengthening the Roma Wolves, Shomurodov had strengthened for Genoa in 2020. The Roma giants began recruiting this Uzbekistan youth on August 2, 2021.

Even though his name is now known as a reliable footballer. Shomurodov didn’t achieve everything instantly.

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