Betrand Peto makes the entire household cry because of this, Sarwendah is unable to hold back his tears – Betrand Peto made the entire household cry because of this, Sarwendah was unable to hold back the tears.

Betrand Peto Putra Onsu comes from Ruteng, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. Betrand has an interest in singing and has often sung when there was a single organ since he was young.

Videos featuring his melodious voice are uploaded to his personal YouTube account. Betrand has lived with his grandparents in NTT since he was 8 months old because his parents had separated.

Before moving to Jakarta, Betrand attended SMP Negeri 1 Ruteng Cancar and helped his grandmother find food for pigs and sell fish.

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The first meeting between Betrand and Ruben Onsu occurred on April 10 2019 when Betrand was invited to the Brownis television show hosted by Ruben.

Betrand showed talent in singing and Ruben originally intended to produce it.

After going through various processes, Betrand officially legally became the first child of Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah Tan on October 15 2019 after a traditional procession and a court decision which decided Betrand was officially the foster child of Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah.

Betrand Peto’s story makes the whole house cry

At the beginning of the video, you can see Ruben Onsu and his entire team gathered in the living room.

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Then, Betrand Peto’s latest song, entitled “Ayah”, was played in the room.

Apparently, they will watch the video clip of the song.

The first few minutes, both Ruben, Sarwendah, Betrand Peto and the team looked normal.

But towards the end of the father’s video, there was a team that couldn’t hold back the tears.

Then, followed by Sarwendah who was crying.

Even when the video clip ended, almost everyone in the room was crying.

In fact, one of Ruben Onsu’s team named Fito ran to his room because he could no longer watch the video.

Fito’s tears spilled after watching Father’s video clip sung twice by Betrand Peto.

Ruben also explained that this song tells about the struggles of a father.

“Hopefully this song can be represented for all fathers around the world,” said Ruben.

Don’t forget that Betrand Peto, who sings the song Ayah, also spoke up after seeing the video clip.

“Actually I can’t say anything, it’s really extraordinary, represented by a song, Onyo wants to fight again to prove that Onyo can do it,” explained Betrand.

For information, this reaction video uploaded to The Onsu Family’s Youtube was uploaded on August 8, 2021.

Currently, it has been watched 3 million times.

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