An Easy Way to Set Samsung Digital TV, It Only Takes a Few Steps


The easy way to set Samsung digital TV can be done in several ways. Photo: Samsung dock

JAKARTA – The use of digital TV is currently increasingly widespread following the government’s decision to officially stop analog broadcasts and switch to digital since last November 2022.

The presence of digital TV can provide more satisfaction to its users. The public can enjoy their favorite broadcasts with clearer, sharper, and more stable images. This is certainly not owned by analog TV.

But unfortunately only digital TVs embedded with DVB-T2 can enjoy this digital broadcast. The solution for users of old versions of TV or analog can use an additional device called a Set Top Box (STB).

With this device, it is certainly more cost-effective than having to buy a new digital TV.

One of the most popular digital TVs in society is Samsung digital TV. The way to set this digital TV is actually simple. Here’s how to set up a Samsung digital TV, reported by a TV technician:

1. Make sure the digital antenna is pointed in the correct position and connected to the Samsung digital TV.

2. Turn on the Samsung digital TV.

3. Press the Menu button on the TV remote, and enter Settings.

4. Enter the Broadcast submenu and click Auto Setup. Two options will appear, namely Antenna and Channel Type.

5. Select Channel Type and check the Digital option.

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