Alvin, Avila Bahar, and Naufal Cemerlang in Round 1 of ISSOM Sentul


Round 1 of ISSOM Sentul was dominated by Honda Racing Indonesia racers. Photo: Doc SINDOnews

SENTUL – The first round of the Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) 2023 at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor, West Java, Sunday (5/3/2023) was dominated by three Honda Racing Indonesian racers. They are Avila Bahar, Naufal Rafif Busro, and Alvin Bahar.

Each racer comes with a different interesting story in each race. The initial strategy for starting this opening round was that the three drivers could win in each of the National Championship classes they participated in. As a result, Avila Bahar and Naufal Rafif Busro were successful on the championship ladder respectively in the ITCR 1500 and ITCR 1200 classes.

Naufal was smooth from start to finish in first place without significant opponents. Meanwhile, Avila Bahar had to fight all out throughout the race against Fitra Eri and Rio SB which finally brought Fitra in first place followed by Avila Bahar in second place.

However, the surprise came when on the podium, Avila’s name actually emerged as the racer who won the championship position, shifting Fitra Eri who received a disqualification sanction because his race was underweight.

“Shocked to hear that too. But, I’m really grateful to be able to win so that the points are full,” said Avila, who since the qualifying session has won superpole as the fastest racer.

Interestingly, in the ISTCR 3600 National Championship class that Alvin Bahar participated in, the racer with a total of 11 national championships has received significant challenges from a number of drivers in his class. Call it Glenn Nirwan who looks qualified with his ‘ready to race’ patent race. Glenn finally won first place followed by Alvin Bahar in second place.

Even so, Alvin was not daunted at all. According to him, it was very interesting because a number of racers like Glenn and Budianto started to put up extra hard resistance so that the National Championship class they were participating in became a more interesting spectacle.

According to Alvin, in the second series, Honda Racing Indonesia will certainly provide maximum resistance. “The gearbox for my car has arrived since last week. Unfortunately it can not be replaced because time is too tight. Later in the second series at the end of June, we are definitely ready to give a surprise,” said Alvin.


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