5 Ways to Get a TikTok Blue Check, Productive and Consistent is the Main Key


How to get a TikTok blue tick is now not an easy thing. DOC ist’s photo

JAKARTA – How to get a TikTok blue tick is not an easy thing now. Especially for new users who are less popular.

The blue tick is no longer a foreign term on social media. An account that already has a blue tick or is verified means it is an authentic account or the owner’s identity can be verified.

According to the Tiktok Support page, a verified badge means that TikTok has confirmed that the account belongs to the user or brand it represents.

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In the Tiktok application, to get this blue tick account is not by paying, but by doing certain businesses.

There are several efforts that must be made to get this blue tick account. Here’s how to get a TikTok blue tick:

1. Always Productive and Consistent

Account owners must always be active in building a business on TikTok or sharing popular and authentic content every day. This is important to find an audience that will support user accounts.

In general, someone often shares content using music that is currently viral on Tiktok. Because this will increase the possibility to get a lot of followers.

2. Get Blue Check on Other Platforms

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow users to apply for verification.

You could say this is the easiest way to get a blue tick. However, each platform certainly has its own standards for getting a blue tick.

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3. Go Viral

To get a blue tick, at least the account owner must have one of the viral content on TikTok. This viral content will usually appear on the Fyp TikTok page.

Even though it’s not certain when the account will go viral, there are several ways you can try, such as sharing tips and stories, making videos as short as possible, and being actively involved in various challenges.

4. Seek Media Attention

Some viral TikTok users will usually be invited and reported in conventional media. For example, Fajar Sad Boy, which went viral some time ago.

The more popular the content and account that is shared, the greater the chance of getting a blue tick. Especially if it gets viral on other social media.

5. Complying with TikTok’s Guidelines and Rules

Like other social media platforms, TikTok will only verify accounts that follow its community guidelines and terms of service.

If it violates these rules, TikTok will flag the account. If an account has been marked as having violated the TikTok community guidelines, of course it will be very difficult to get a blue tick.


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