5 Secret Features on Samsung Mobile Phones that Make Streaming Activities Easy


Samsung cellphones like the Galaxy S23 have various built-in features that make it easy to create content. Photo: doc Samsung Indonesia

JAKARTA – The activity of creating content (nkonten) for both photos and videos does not only depend on the quality of the camera. Actually, there are many built-in features on smartphones that can be used to make photos or videos even better.

This can be used by Samsung users who have updated the operating system to One UI 5.1 on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. The OS has a lot of customization features to help create content.

“The interface system on the cellphone is very important. In One UI 5.1, there are features such as Expert RAW and Photo Remaster. The point is to make it easier to create epic content,” said Verry Octavianus, MX Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

So, here are some features that can be optimized for the One UI 5.1 operating system on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G:

1. Intelligent Gallery
5 Secret Features on Samsung Mobile Phones that Make Streaming Activities Easy

This feature is interesting, because all video and photo captures can be easily recapitulated. That is, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G will collect content taken on the same day and location. Then, it will be combined into a compilation of content in the form of a video story with contemporary transitions.

“So users don’t bother editing on TikTok or Instagram Reels. You only need to choose the compilation of content you like. Then, all you have to do is upload it to Tiktok or Instagram,” said Verry.

2. Expert RAW

Expert RAW is a feature suitable for content creators on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. How to use it is easy, because the user simply presses “More” on the camera menu after it is installed on the device.

What for? Expert RAW is a mode that allows users to take high-quality photos without processing or compression. Perfect for creating night photos, city lighting, natural scenery, and other objects with a lot of detail.

Galaxy S23 Series 5G users can have more control in editing RAW images.

3. Create Filters

There’s no need to download an application like Snapseed, because in One UI 5.1 users can edit photos directly from their cellphone. In fact, create a filter. Just click on the pencil logo, select a filter, and create a filter.

Select the image you want to use as a filter preset on the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. Then, the color tone of the edited image will automatically follow the selected image tone

This filter will also be saved automatically in the gallery and camera application.

4. Photo Remaster

As the name implies, the Photo Remaster feature makes the photo remastering process more optimal. Included in removing shadows and reflections. Interestingly, this feature takes place automatically. The algorithm on the HP Galaxy S23 Series 5G is able to increase exposure and reduce noise from a photo.

How to use it is also very easy. Open the Gallery application/select the desired photo/press the three-dot icon in the lower right corner/click Remaster picture/click Save.

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