5 Everyday Ways You Can Try to Shrink Your Waist

Fat on the body is usually stored in the cheeks, arms, stomach, waist, hips and thighs. The presence of fat in these body parts can disturb our comfort, beauties. For example, excess fat on the waist and hips often makes us uncomfortable wearing pants, either because they are too narrow or because they are difficult to wear.

For those of you who have excess fat around your waist and want to shed it, you can start doing the things below, beauties. Keep reading this article!

1. Exercise Squats

Illustration of a woman doing squats/Photo: Pexels/Kampus Production
Illustration of a woman doing squats/Photo: Pexels/Kampus Production

Launching from Medical News Today, you can reduce your waist with regular exercise, especially practicing squats.

To do squats safely, see the technique below:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Feet facing forward and arms should be extended in front of the body. Lower yourself like you are sitting down, but not so low that you are uncomfortable. After that, get up slowly, and repeat the squat 8-10 times.

2. Consume Lemon Water

Lemon water illustration/Photo: Pexels/Tara Winstead
Lemon water illustration/Photo: Pexels/Tara Winstead

Quoting from Stylecraze, lemon water is believed to be able to shed fat in our bodies, beauties. If you want to shed fat on your waist with a diet, then drink lemon water regularly.

The ingredients are quite easy to get, namely:

Half a lemon. A glass of room temperature water. Honey (if you like).

How to make:

Squeeze half a lemon. Pour the lemon juice into a glass of water. Add honey. Stir well. Your drink is ready to be consumed.

3. Latihan HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. So, this can be a solution and a short way to exercise to reduce your waist. This was reported by the Times of India.

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