5 Bad Habits to Avoid for Mental Health, Perfectionist Habits Included!

Mental health is an important thing to maintain for a peaceful and peaceful life. If Beauties are trying to maintain mental health, as much as possible avoid doing bad habits that you don’t realize that will actually make your mentality fall even more, OK?

Therefore Beauties, bad habits that must be avoided for mental health and can be seen below:

1. Pursuit of Perfection or Perfectionism

Woman with a worried look on her face
Perfeksionis/ photo: Freepik/ yanalya

Wanting everything to run smoothly and perfectly is not a bad thing. It’s okay to be that kind of person, but it’s also good to know your limits. If not, the nature of too much pursuit of perfection can make the mental state even worse and therefore must be avoided.

Quoting in Career in Psychology, in the view of psychologists, perfectionism can be both positive and negative. Positive perfectionists can allow Beauties to set realistic goals, see mistakes as opportunities for growth, and enjoy the process more.

However, the negative side of perfectionism can make beauties push goals that cannot be achieved, create feelings of always being dissatisfied with the results, cannot forget mistakes and consider failure as a sin.

2. Playing Social Media Too Often

A woman with a worried face looking at her cell phone
Social media/ photo: Freepik/ wayhomestudio

Social media can be entertainment and also a place to find new ideas. However, you should avoid playing too much on social media because it can cause negative things, which can destroy Beauties’ mentality, especially when you are not feeling well.

Quoted from North Start Transitions, checking social media too often can cause jealousy in the heart. People tend to present their best moments on social media, so if Beauties are not doing well, it can make it worse.

3. Always Feeling Guilty for Past Events

Woman with frowning face
Feeling guilty/ photo: Freepik/ benzoix

Unable to forget mistakes and always feel guilty about the past, including bad habits that must be avoided for mental health. As much as possible let go of that guilt and don’t bring it up again.

If Beauties are always overshadowed by feelings of guilt, then it is difficult to move forward feeling calm and happy. So forgive yourself Beauties and focus on moving forward without looking back.

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