4 Nisfu Syaban Night Traditions in Various Countries, Sweets Feasts to Fireworks


There are various traditions of celebrating the Nisfu Shaban night in various countries, one of which is a party of sweets and fireworks. Photo/REUTERS

JAKARTA – Nisfu Syaban Night is celebrated with various traditions in several countries. Generally on this night which is considered full of blessings by Muslims, everyone will increase their acts of worship.

Muslims in several countries also welcome Nisfu Shaban night with unique traditions. Starting from spending time in full worship to having fireworks.

The following are the Nisfu Syaban night traditions in various countries:

1. Sweets and Cake Party

Quoting Infinity Learn, Muslims celebrate this festival by praying and reading the Koran. They also prepare delicious sweets.

Muslims in Bangladesh, for example, feast on sweets and cakes during this celebration. Halwa and firni are two of the most loved items.

Sweets are usually also distributed to neighbors, relatives, family members, and the poor.

Apart from Bangladesh, this tradition is commonly found in Iraq, Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

2. Handing out Candies

On the night before the 15th of Shaban, several countries have a tradition of distributing sweets which are commonly called Halva.

Apart from the day before the night of Nisfu Shaban, this tradition is also usually carried out on the night of Isra Mi’raj, Lailatul Qadr, and Laylatul Raghaib.

Some countries that still maintain this tradition are Iraq, the UAE, to European countries such as Bosnia.

Launching from Gulf Today, on the night of Nisfu Shaban in the UAE, children wear colorful traditional clothes while singing in their environment to get candy.

3. Berat Lamp

This tradition carried out in several countries in the Middle East including Turkey and Syria is a way for Muslims to increase their piety to Allah SWT.

Reported from Inside Out In Istanbul, Muslims will fast during the day and the night will be spent gathering in the mosque to pray and ask for forgiveness.

This is done because every Muslim believes that that night is a glorious night where all sins will be forgiven.

4. Fireworks

According to The Wire, the night of Nisfu Syaban, or better known as Shab e Barat, is often celebrated by visiting mosques, lighting candles, and fireworks. This tradition is common in India.

In addition to lighting fireworks, the Muslims in India will also pray throughout the night and also read the Qur’an.


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