4 Hidden Samsung Features with Super Sophisticated Functions


4 Hidden Samsung Features. PHOTO/ DOC THE VERGE

JAKARTA – A hidden feature of the Samsung Galaxy that is rarely known by many people, but is quite useful if you use it.
As reported by Uide, for those of you who are curious and want to know what are the most useful features on this Samsung cellphone, let’s just take a look at the first feature.

1. Use Cloud Apps on File Manager

Then the third next feature, you can directly connect Google Drive or One Drive directly to the My Files section. This My Files application is the default application for File Manager on Samsung mobile phones.

When you enter the My Files application, then click the three dots on the top right then enter the settings, here you can directly connect Samsung Cloud Drive, One Drive and Google Drive.

There are three Cloud applications that you can directly connect to the My Files application. If you have connected Google Drive or One Drive to the My Files application, you can directly access your files on Google Drive or One Drive directly from the application.

2. Shortcuts for Video on Gallery

Then the fourth next feature, you can create a shortcut that you can immediately access to open a special video gallery.

So, if you open the gallery, photos and videos will usually appear in it. If you want to create a special shortcut to access the videos in the gallery section, you can immediately click on the video section at the top of this gallery. When you click Videos, videos will appear in your gallery.

So that you can more easily open the gallery specifically for this video, you can create a special shortcut that can directly access the gallery specifically for this video. You can select the three dots on the top right then select Add to Home screen then select Add at the bottom.

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