4 Habits of Eating During the Day That Cause a Distended Stomach and Risk of Obesity, Do You Like to Do It?

Having an ideal and healthy body shape is the hope of many people. That includes you too, right, Beauties? But often, a series of daily habits do not align with these expectations.

Want perfect results, but many habits that are bad for the body are still being carried out. Like the row of eating habits during the day, not only can it be a cause of a distended stomach, but it can also be at risk of obesity!

You need to know, having a distended stomach and obesity is not a simple problem. There are many diseases that may happen sooner or later, such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, to hypertension.

God forbid, you don’t want these diseases to happen to you, right? Listen!

1. Fast Food

This woman saved a friend who almost choked on a chickenFried chicken/ Photo: News/Michael O’Rourke

High mobility during the day makes many people choose to eat fast food. Fast and definitely delicious, the main reason many people choose it. In fact, the habit of eating fast food is very bad for health.

Fast food is rich in trans fats, which can trigger heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Not to mention, fast food is generally low in fiber content which can interfere with digestive problems. It tastes good in the mouth indeed, but it turns out that it can be bad for the body.

As an alternative, choose a healthy lunch with balanced nutrition. It’s as simple as you can go to a food stall or warteg, and choose a complete menu line, with protein, carbohydrates, and don’t forget fiber.

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