25 years of taking care of the house, a Spanish man has to pay his ex-wife IDR 3.3 billion


A Spanish court ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $300,000 for the housework she did during their 25 years of marriage. Photos/Illustrations

A Spanish court has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife 200,000 euros more for 25 years of housework. The amount is based on the minimum wage during his second marriage.

The man was ordered to pay her 204,624.86 euros (about Rp.3.3 billion), calculated based on the annual minimum wage for the duration of their marriage, said the ruling of a court in the southern Andalusia region, a copy of which was seen by AFP as quoted by Al Arabiya, Wednesday (8/3) /2023).

The couple had two daughters, with their marriage governed by a separation of property regime, which stipulated that whatever each party acquired was their own, in which case it would deprive the wife of access to any wealth acquired over the years. wedding year.

“Since marriage, the wife has essentially dedicated herself to working at home, which means taking care of the house and the family and all that is involved,” the decree said.

The legal papers show details of what he would earn each year during the years between June 1995 and December 2020.

Her ex-husband was also ordered to pay monthly childcare allowance for his daughters, one of whom is a minor while the other is over 18 years old.

Speaking to Cadena Ser radio, the unnamed woman said her husband did not “want her to work” outside the home even though he allowed her to work at his gym, where he handles public relations and acts as a monitor.

“I dedicate myself exclusively to housework, taking care of my husband and my home,” she said.

“He made me take on a special role of doing household chores, to the point where I was in a place where I couldn’t do much else,” she says.

He said the decision made him very happy because it was so deserved.


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