2 Easiest Ways to Reset HP Oppo Forgot Password


How to reset an Oppo HP that forgot the password can be done with a few simple steps. Photo: doc Oppo Indonesia

JAKARTA – How to reset an Oppo HP that forgets the password is easy to do. Although, there is a risk. For example, the files we store on our HP will automatically disappear. The password or password is intended to keep the contents of the cellphone safe and not be misused by other people.

However, what if we forget the password? Or, there are cellphones of parents and siblings who have forgotten their passwords so they can’t be used anymore.

Forgetting the password is actually not a fatal problem. As long as it can be restored, the HP Oppo will be used as before. If it can’t be restored, the cellphone can still be used by resetting it to the initial settings.

So, here are 2 ways to reset HP Oppo that can be done:

1. Use the Forgot Password feature

2 Easiest Ways to Reset HP Oppo Forgot Password
The Forgot Password feature or forgot password can be used on almost all types of HP Oppo. Starting from series A to Oppo Reno. It’s easy.

a. Randomly enter the password up to 5 times.
b. After that, HP Oppo will display the Forgot Password/Forgot Password feature.
c. Answer the questions on the screen.
d. Enter the email and password registered on the cellphone to log in.
e. Create a new password.
f. Finished.

2. Using Hard Reset
If you don’t know the registered email and password, it means that the cellphone cannot be recovered. The solution, HP Oppo can still be used. However, it must be returned to the initial settings (hard reset).

Before doing a hard reset, make sure that the available HP battery is at least 50%. The method:

a. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously until the HP Oppo logo appears.
b. Enter the ColorOS Recovery menu.
c. Click the Wipe data menu and press OK.
d. Wait a few moments until the restart process is complete.
e. If so, reboot the HP Oppo and the cellphone can automatically be unlocked again without being locked.

That’s how to reset HP Oppo forgot password with the easiest method. Make sure to use the two methods above.


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